Getting the Word Out


teampic       My role in this project was to find information that we can use for our final project. The Data I collected was put into Powtoons, as well as infographics. I was also responsible for some photography I shot for our website. Giving our website a nice, Open Space feeling, my photography complimented this perfectly. Throughout the paper, I was assigned “People” by my group members. My role was to explain why as a group we used certain programs, as well as explaining why we are targeting a younger generator. I believe I was a good team member towards my group. I only missed one meeting we had at the beginning of the project, and contributed as much as possible. Our group met regularly, most online through online meetings, but we also met up at Alexander Library when possible. The face to face meetings where by far easier, and more successful than online sessions. Clearly, meeting face to face has a greater come out because we can all express our thoughts in a simple and clear matter. While online social cues, or miscommunication could easy happen if someone forgot to check a message, or simply forgot to attend the meeting. Overall, our group work extremely well together, building relationships and a incredible project. We were all extremely happy on the final outcome of our project, and hope our client is happy with the materials we gave her.


The links that we gathered for this week can be really useful for our overall project, and presentation. In the links I gathered, I found some shots I’ve taken last summer, and in the fall to show great examples of open space. These pictures can be used either with our presentation, or within an info graph when we pitch it to our clients. Others links that are extremely helpful are Power Points that we’ve found with a lot of facts about open space month, and the construction in New Jersey. We can pull facts from these pdf’s and incorporate them into our final product for our client. Some of these links may be difficult to use, but are still helpful in ways. Such as some of the new’s articled we’ve found, they can give us more insight on what open space is about, and why it’s important to understand open space. Other than gaining more information about our topic, this information isn’t totally useful for our final project. Although we could show if we lack open space the negative outcomes that appear, which is what these articles are about. For example, the incident where trash was found dumped on open space, also the Barnegat bay being polluted. Overall, I believe the links we gathered are all useful in their own way. Especially after meeting with the whole group we talked about the links, and feel very comfortable and happy with the progress of our project.

Storyboard – Group Project

storyboard_template      This week was a challenge for myself, since I was unable to attend the meeting with our group during most of this process. But, overall my group did a fantastic job in brainstorming with this story board. I am thankful to have such great members within my group, even when some of us couldn’t attend the meeting the job was completed. It is also extremely helpful to have such great help like Grace in our group. Since she has experience working with social media campaigns and marketing this is very helpful in putting our project into perspective. After looking at this storyboard it made a confusing, overwhelming project into something manageable and easy to see visually. Now that we see the “map” of our project, I feel we are all on the same page for majority of the part. Our next objective is for each of us to create a 30 – 60 second animation and we will all vote on who’s we will use for the pitch. After looking at the storyboard, and starting to get familiarity with Powtoon I am very excited to see what our final project will become!

Narrative – Group Project

narrative_logo-small       After some brainstorming, and discussions are decided to go with creating short 30-60 second animated clips to share on Open Space Month’s Facebook page weekly.  An advantage about this idea is that these clips are informative as well as entertaining. We feel that Millennials don’t enjoy reading long messages, or long dry videos that don’t feel engaging. Since these clips will also be on Facebook, it will be extremely easy to share these videos with the younger audience we are targeting. The only disadvantage we might see is having others share our animated videos, this is something we may have to think about or let hope take it’s path. This is why it’s very important about the content within these animated clips, we must make them engaging enough so people want to share them. Our overall goal is to bring awareness to Open Space Month, by creating an engaging video I believe people will share this video. Though we may face some challenges along the way of this campaign, I believe in the long run we have a successful idea for Open Space Month.

Group Project


      My thoughts on my group’s direction is a happy, and excited thought process. We tossed around a couple of ideas that I feel are going to be very successful in our final project. The cause we are going to work on is called open space month, which is to raise awareness of open land, and the preservation of this open land. We want to target a younger audience, that can be informed in a humorous and interesting matter. One of the ideas we discussed was creating an animation that explains open space month. We feel as a group animated videos make processing information that people may not find interesting, more interesting if it’s animated. Another idea we had was to create memes every week to inform others about this cause. If we started a social media campaign this can be very successful. Social media in today’s world is extremely important, especially for a younger audience. There is so much potential with using social media, it can really make or break a company. This is a very important aspect we plan on using to promote open space month. The only potential problem we may face with using social media is constantly keeping up with the content, even after this project is over. But, as we discussed in class, the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters should consider hiring an unpaid intern to be responsible for their social media networking. I believe they are missing a large audience that will be interested in these causes, but they are unaware of the causes because of the organization’s lack of social media. I think with our group’s idea of creating a small animated video, giving the information in a fun and different concept will be very successful. If we also include a social media campaign, using this video or creating memes, I think Open Space Month will get the recognition it deserves.

Going Viral

        The meme’s I have chosen are taken from the page, The Bernie Sander’s Dank Meme Stash. This is a page that was created on Facebook during the 2016 primaries, being home to thousands of memes about Bernie Sanders, and the 2016 primaries. What appeals me to these memes is the funny aspects of the memes, but also the educational message they are trying to get across. These are important aspects of the meme that makes them “successful”, but overall memes in my eyes are something funny, and relevant to daily life. But, people must be aware to not take memes too literal and to always check the real facts. Memes related to Ang’s paradigms of “media in everyday life,” and the “response theory” is once a meme becomes viral most people have a similar reactions, or idea about the meme. People that are viewing these memes all have the similar interpretation of the meme, the message will be clear regardless if they agree or disagree with the meme. The interesting function of memes is that anyone can create these memes, for instance in the reading, the author explains, “Once I say that a piece of media, or a meme, is replicable and malleable, I must specify what exactly is being copied or changed.” Anyone can recreate a meme using the same image as the “original” meme, creating a new interpretation that the audience can take in. This is something very powerful about memes in today’s digital world, everyone has access to influence someone else’s perspective. Though there are 3 stages on creating a meme which are the manifestation, the behavior, and the ideal which is done almost effortlessly when creating a meme. The memes that I’ve selected are interesting because they relate to my views that I feel strong about, and they also share a bit of humor within the memes. I feel having humor in a meme, or any context makes the information your are processing more interesting, and even easier to process. Memes help people express their views, or feelings in an interesting matter. Showing an image that people can relate too, while having a caption to express the viewers ideologies, or personality even. In today’s culture memes can show a type of protest, or movement that people want to share. We saw this in Bernie Sanders Dank Meme Stash, and now in our current politics. Meme’s also kind of go against the typical corporate branding but they do share the control of influencing our culture. The reason I say this is because people are recreating these memes for the public’s entertainment, or benefit and but they are doing it totally independently.

Video Editing


A short video of Thomas Catelli shredding throughout 2016. My buddy had some clips, and I decided to throw them together to create a small skate part. Enjoy Classmates.

     In our digital world today, hackers, and trolls have an important role to informing the public throughout the internet. If we look at situations like Edward Snowden, there is always a debate of is he a hero or a villain? Yes, he revealed information about our government, but the things he released he believed the public should have known. It is always a strange situation when the topic hackers come about. There is a negative stigma that makes people believe their criminals, and are always out to steal information. This can be true with some cases but there can people the occasional hacker that does it for fun, or to expose lies, or inform the public. In the reading, Phreak’s, Hackers, and Trolls, author, Gabriella Coleman explains, “Even while of the actions of phreaker, hackers, and trolls may be ethically questionable and profoundly disquieting, there are important lessons to be drawn from their spectacular antics.” I believe this statement is very important because yes, the actions of these hackers or trolls may be unethical but the lessons or ideas brought from these actions can be very beneficial. We can see situations such as the DNC being hacked and exposing the conspiring happening against Bernie Sanders. We can learn a lessons from such situations like these. The public gets informed on these subjects that were never supposed to be exposed, and yes they find this shocking but in my opinion they’re glad they heard what’s being conspired behind closed doors. Some hackers are the whistleblowers in a sense, they inform people of illicit activity happening in organizations, which they may do illicit activity to reach this information. Though their actions are unethical they are exposing what the public should understand, but there are always going to be harmful hackers, or trolls that may serve no overall value.